About us

Our Heritage of Trust and Dedication

Kohinoor Group and Rohit Joshi Group, pillars of trust and dedication, have individually set unparalleled standards in the construction domain. Generations have witnessed their commitment to excellence, making them synonymous with reliability. As we embark on the journey of City Ethernal, this combined legacy becomes the cornerstone, fostering an environment where redevelopment resonates with trust and confidence.

The Significance of Redevelopment

In the ever-evolving urban landscape, redevelopment emerges as a pivotal solution to revive aging infrastructure. City Ethernal embraces this transformative process, understanding its profound impact on residents' lives and the environment. With Kohinoor Group's solid execution capabilities and Rohit Joshi Group's luxury-centric approach, redevelopment becomes a canvas for creating enduring legacies.

Our Mission

City Ethernal, a testament to redefining urban living, is on a mission to breathe new life into existing structures. The synergy between Kohinoor Group's efficiency and Rohit Joshi Group's luxury prowess enables us to undertake redevelopment projects that respect the past, address the present, and envision a promising future. Our commitment to trust, integrity, and dedication remains unwavering as we enrich communities and contribute to a sustainable, vibrant society. The value addition brought by the partnership of Kohinoor Group and Rohit Joshi Group ensures that City Ethernal stands as the preferred choice for redevelopment, combining innovation, excellence, and integrity. Join us on this transformative journey as we build a future embodying progress and the enduring legacy of trust.

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Our Agent

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